All You Need To Know About eden

Our Vision

BOLDLY and ENERGETICALLY pursuing a vision of GOD’S FAMILY that is POWERFUL, LOVING, ENGAGING and IMPACTING our culture.

Our Family Values

SAFE but CHALLENGING:  Our aim is to provide a secure and trusting environment that encourages personal growth and development.

RESPONSIBLE but RELEASING:  Encouraging a personally and corporate responsibility that helps people realise their potential.

LOVING but TRANSFORMING:  We believe that it is God’s love we aspire to be a loving and caring family that seeks to bring healing and restoration.

OPEN but SECURE:  We will be a family that is honest and transparent that will provide stability in an unstable world.

FREE but ORDERED:  We allow the freedom for the Holy Spirit to move within the structure of a loving family.

INTENTIONAL but INVOLVING:  We carry out our vision with purpose and passion and we believe that every member of our family has something to contribute.

IMPACTING but ENGAGING:  We believe we can help bring a loving transformation to our local community by getting alongside people and building relationships.

PERSONAL SPACE and TIME but COLLECTIVE ACCOUNTABLE:  Giving people the time and space that they need.

BIBLICALLY BASED but CULTURALLY RELEVANT:  Using God’s Holy word that is in a fresh and exciting way for today.

COMMUNITY INVOLVED but DISTINCTIVELY CHRISTIAN:  In the world but not of the world.